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Rostan can supply tiremolds of every size and shape, the current production line includes:

Segmental TBR molds (steel engraved and steel ribs)

Segmental PCR molds (aluminium and steel, engraved)

Two piece AGRO/OTR/solid tire molds

Tube molds

Flat molds for retreading (cold curing)

Segmental molds for retreading (hot curing)

Mold Containers (both traditional and VACUUM types)

The maximum mold outer diameter is 3000mm (188”) and the maximum weight of a single part is 5000 kg (11.000 lb)

Rostan Tiremolds S.r.l.

Via Biella 64, 10098 Rivoli (TO) Italia
tel +39 011 417 99 65
VAT N. 11656350011

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