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In the early 2000 Rostan pioneered 3D modeling for tiremolds technology. Our engineering departement proved its capacity to provide an effective support for customers. We are able to interpret and use any kind of file format used within the industry. If it’s a mold, Rostan can do it.

We developed with our partners specific milling software and machines. Many investments have been made across the years in order to improve product quality and delivery time.
Everything is tailored for customer satisfaction.

We have industry level technology in order to be able to keep all the phases of production internal.  Even the largest parts are produced in our shops. Our engagement to customer privacy is maintained at every cost. Investments in large machinery made us independent from external suppliers.

Quality control is of core importance in mechanical manufacturing. Our ISO standardized procedures ensure that quality checkings are performed thouroghly at every production step. Our  QC staff, provided with high-end metrologic material not only validates the finished product, but provides real time assistance during production.

Technological innovation is not a simple word in Rostan. Family business doesn’t mean stagnation. Technology never stops changing and improving, Rostan is decided to keep doing the same…

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